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Name: LeiaDianaMinerva
Story Preferences: Will read any, though I prefer slash
Things I won't beta are: RP (don't even ask) I have conceded defeat, so I will beta anything.
Turn around time: I am trying to respond within 24 hrs. However, the longer the story, the longer it takes to beta.
Experience/Credentials/Skills: I am great at finding grammar and spelling issues, but I also focus on plot and characterization.

Any beta requests can be posted to my LJ: or Email:
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Asking for a beta reader -

Author's Name: pattern_spider
Story Title: Can't think of one.
What's the Story about: A KotOR II fic that, apart from reworking, expanding and stream-lining the game's narrative as the mood takes me, is going to explore that the Dantooine Academy seems to have been riddled with lesbians.
Characters or Pairings: Multiple LSF!Exile/F pairings
Genre: Whatever you see Knights of the Old Republic as.
Rating: Oh, we'll probably hit NC-17 at some stage or another.
Warnings: Only the obvious - Femslash. Plenty of fighting and death up close & personal.
What is needed from a beta: Basically another pair of eyes and a long attention span (I'm starting chapter 4 and the characters have only just made the hyperspace jump to Telos; this is going to take a while) who doesn't mind offering opinions and suggestions. Being comfortable with present-tense prose and a familiarity with Australian/UK spelling wouldn't hurt either.
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Beta needed for Vader viggie.

Author's Name: Kee Lundqvist. That is, me keeloca
Story Title: As of now, it remains untitled.
What's the Story about:
(Short description only.) Vignette. Only days before ROTJ Darth Vader is haunted by dreams not unlike those he experienced twenty-three years earlier...
Characters or Pairings: Vader.
Genre: Angst.
Rating: PG, I guess.
Warnings: Depressed Dark Lord, feeling a tad sorry for himself. Scary notion, that.
What is needed from a beta: Grammar, spelling. English is not my native.
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Asking for a beta reader:
Author's Name: jediknightmuse (RenoaStormhaven on the boards)
Story Title: Serenity in Darkness
Status: Work in progress. Could possibly be as many as three chapters. I'm going to try and keep this short.
What's the Story about: A story about a Jedi Master who survived Order 66 and was able to make a come back. Alternate universe.
Characters or Pairings: Riley Caden (OC), Sark Kele (OC), Adok (OC), mention of Yoda and Obi-Wan, Selaria (OC), possible mention of Obi-Wan and Yoda. Sark, Adok, and Selaria are characters belonging to RP friends of mine.
Genre: General, possibly a bit of romance, possible action/adventure
Rating: G, PG
Warnings: None, really, other than that the time periods are kind of cooky. The prologue takes place after Return of the Jedi, and the chapters will take place during the prequels. Think of it as sort of a memoir.
What is needed from a beta: I can't think of anything specific, really, other than general stuff. Spelling/grammar shouldn't be a huge issue. It would be a big help if the betaer(s) were members/betaers at so that I can try and get it archived. If you are a beta reader there, I'll need your usernames when the time comes for me to submit the story. It won't be the biggest deal in the world, though, if you're not one.

Beta services needed

TITLE: Fire & Ice
AUTHOR: Gurlhayden
STATUS: Work in Progress
WARNINGS:(One of the chapters has nonconsentual sex),Force manipulation,Oral,Fingering,Handjob.
CHARACTERS:Anakin Skywalker, OFC,Mace Windu,Padme Amidala(she comes in later in the story)
CATEGORY: Angst,Romance,AU

SUMMARY: Jedi Knight Athena Paleus and Padawan Anakin Skywalker had grown up in the Jedi Order and had been friends since they were younglings. Athena watched as Anakin grew into a fine Jedi Knight and told herself everyday how blessed she was for Anakin to have befriended her. Anakin has also watched as Athena grew into a skilled Jedi Knight , but he saw Athena as something more than just an old childhood friend. He saw her as a woman. A woman that he wanted. A woman that he _needed_. A woman that not even the gods themselves would stop him from getting.

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Title: Gravidian Ale
Author: petrolmachine
Characters: OC
Summary: It's a sweet brew, but the vapors from the fermenting process are lethal in concentrated amounts.
Genre: Memoir, Drama, Vignette, Character Development
Rating: Any Age
Warnings: None
What is needed from a beta: I'm looking for a BETA that can first of all, tidy up my sentence structure and second give me pointers on the depth of my character. Is she believable? What could make her better? ... That sort of thing. ♥ Thanks guys.

( Gravidian Ale )

Beta Reader Wanted

Title: The Other Master
Author: Wyndsor Jade
Rating: R
Wordcount: 10,818
Pairing: A/O pre-slash
Genre: Dark, horror
Warnings: Torture, psychosis

Basic Summary:Anakin has been injured, and now it is up to Obi-Wan to look after him as he struggles to recover. However, the halluncinations that Anakin endures whilst under medication begin to reveal a much more darker story revolving around the truth of his assault.

What is needed from a beta: Grammatically, this story is already fine, but I'm concerned about the plot as a whole. It's designed to be a bit confusing, but I want to make sure that it makes sense by the time it's finished ... for example, does the ending work? Are some parts too long, some too short? Is extra explanation needed in certain scenes? I want to make sure that this story actually makes sense; I understand it because I thought of it, but I'm not sure if everyone else will ... eep.

Preferably I would love to have two or maybe even three people look this one over so I can get a more varied idea of how this works. If you're interested, I'll A) love you forever and B) return the favor if you need me to.

Send an e-mail to for more info! Thanks!
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Hi all!

I really seem to be making the rounds about the SW communities as of late -

Anywho, I was looking for a beta for a fic which I am currently working on. It is not extremely urgent that I have one this instant; I've got a little more work to do before the first chapter will see the light of day, ha ha. Anyway, this fic is set in the Old Republic, perhaps about the Sith War. Details will be forthcoming as the story develops further.

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I will beta...

Name: helgaleena

Story Preferences: gen, smut, slash, femslash, het, adventure, pwp

Things I won't beta are: mpreg, crossovers unless they are obvious crack

Turn around time: pretty durn fast. within the week

A generous amount of my own work is linked at my LJ hlglne
I have an MA and most of a Phd in South Asian lang. and lit, and really enjoy helping those authors whose native tongue is not English. Spent some time in UK, so have some tolerance of Britishisms. Have also beta'd RPS and other fandoms, but prefer GFFA for love. Alien Kinky love a plus. I am insistent on proper grammar, spelling etc., and consider them my strength as a beta. I also reserve the right to refuse to be credited.

I prefer to work out of Yahoo!email... so email me at the address in my LJ.

Request for beta reader

I have a Star Wars ficlet of just over 500 words that needs a quick beta. It's for the sw_mythology challenge community. No commitment to do the other 41. My eternal gratitude to any volunteers.

Author's Name: AJ
Story Title: Awe
What's the Story about: Qui-Gon pov, contemplating authority figures in the Jedi Order
Characters: Qui-Gon, Yoda, a few others.
Rating: G
Warnings: None
What is needed from a beta: I need somebody to pick over my spelling, grammar and punctuation with a fine-toothed comb, and kick my bad canon into touch.

If I'm not familiar with your writing or beta work, please link me to some fics so I can take a look.

Crossposted to my journal.